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Default Best of 5 sets?

I just got done playing a best of 5 set singles match for fun, and I came back from a 0-2 set deficit to win in 5 sets. Really fun, maybe I'll petition the USTA to make all USTA matches best of 5 sets .

Has anyone ever done this? I never have before today. I found the match dynamics to be very different than a 3 set match. No lead is safe, and it was a nice feeling to win that 3rd set (like I am back in the match, no point in a best of 3 set match is equivalent), and I'm sure the pressures on my opponent were different with blowing a 2 set lead.

Final score: 1-6, 4-6, 6-1, 6-3, 10-5 (so we played a super-tiebreaker for the 5th set because of time constraints, sue me). It took about 3 hours, my opponent is very streaky and I started off very poorly. And it helped that we had shorter points than I am normally used to due to my opponent's streakiness. But it felt really good to turn around the match and win after such a deficit and play so well after starting off poorly. I felt like Agassi or something.
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