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LOL this is extremely debateable. I wouldnt even consider Djokovic to have the best court coverage of his own era in fact. Nadal taking into account their whole careers (not just Djokovic in 2011) is better, especialy since Djokovic's movement on grass isnt anything extraordinary, and he took years to get comfortable sliding that well on clay, and even prime Federer is probably better overall. In fact I have not heard anyone until now even suggest Djokovic has the best court coverage in tennis history. The only best anything I have heard him having to some people is return of serve, which is probably also wrong and overhyping him due to his current status.
Fair point about Nadal on clay, but his ability to cover the court and counterpunch on that surface has to do as well with his stroke technique (his extreme grip and racquet head acceleration allows him to retrive balls like a freakin wall) and regarding Federer his court coverage has to do more with his amazing footwork and anticipation rather than pure athleticism. So overall i would undoubtedly pick Djokovic
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