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I'm not sure why Raonic wouldn't be number 5? He's currently about 14 and is the only player under 22 in the top 50 (if you exclude Tomic assuming he's still there until next Monday). I think he's a big chance of winning either Wimbledon or more likely the US Open next year. It's an ageing top 10 at the moment and I expect it to be cracked wide open over the next 18 months. As for Federer, he's won one grand slam of the last 12, and has been in gradual decline. He played brilliantly at Wimbledon last year but that was the only grand slam final he made. He could easily drop significantly in the rankings over the next 12 months. If he starts drawing berdytch or Nadal in the quarter finals of majors he faces the likelihood of more early exits. As for Paire, I put him in because I have absolutely no opinion on who will be number 10 but I enjoy watching him play and think he's talented. The accuracy or otherwise of my opinions will be revealed in 14 months.
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