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What I want:

1. Federer (2 slams (Wimby and USO to be the #1 at both)
2. Rafa (Come back strong, win FO)
3. Djoko/Murray (whichever wins in Australia)
4. Djoko/Murray (above reasoning)
5. Delpo (Hopefully gets the WTF title)
6. Ferrer (Wins like 7 titles again)
7. Raonic (Breaks through to the top 10)
8. Tipserevic (consistency throughout the year)
9. Tsonga (Does well, at least one GS final)
10. Peliwo/Dimitrov (Just because)

What I think will happen:

1. Djokovic (Wins AO plus finals in some others, like this year)
2. Murray (Wins some grandslam, close race with Novak for #1, could even be #1)
3. Federer (Gets to a GS final, maybe wins like Wimby 2012, wins Cincy, maybe the WTF)
4. Rafa (I hope he wins another slam next year, but I'm not sure how he'll react to the time off)
5. Delpo (Maybe a slam, maybe a final, maybe anything. I just want him back in the top 5)
6. Ferrer (How can't you like this guy? I think he'll be consistent enough for a top 6 finish
7. Tsonga (he can get really hot at times, maybe get to a slam final, maybe some semis, you never know with him)
8. Berdych (Don't like him, but he's good at tennis)
9. Raonic (Just missing out on WTF qualification, but its a step forward for my countryman)
10. Gasquet ( I like the guy, and he can get hot like Tsonga)


Querrey into top 15-20
Baker into top 30
Peliwo into top 75-150 (big range, but you never know)
Dimitrov into top 20-30
Yonex Vcore Tour G (310) w/ Mantis comfort poly (52)
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