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Originally Posted by robbo1970 View Post
No. Only kidding.

Picture the scene, the ball is coming back over the net, you adjust your feet to the left to take a nice swing with your forehand. The racket comes back and as you swipe upwards to create the topspin, at the last split second you roll your wrist over the the top in an arc shape......the dip the ball takes and the kick when the balls hit the ground is pretty good.

However, the thread is more about how the leather grip feels rather than an analysis of technique.

But I would like to know how you apply topspin to your forehand and back hand.
As long as the described rolling or your wrist over the top is happening after the ball has left the racquet, it is just a follow through. If it happens during ball contact, the ball will hit the court in front of you. I hit topspin with a racquet face that is moving from low to high with the racquet face vertical. The racquet face pretty much has to be vertical, as opposed to open or closed, to hit the ball back to the other side regardless of whether it is moving low to high or high to low.

I just think that things should work the way I expect them to.
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