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Originally Posted by robbo1970 View Post
Yes it is more or less after the ball has gone, a follow through as you say. (I have just been swinging my arm in the office here to replicate what I do, now I look a right fool).

I don't do it all the time though, it just happens every now and again. Basically, I hit the shot then realise I have rolled my wrist over afterwards, it was just something I felt more with the heavier handle as opposed to the lighter handle.
I understand the perception of the motion. I have heard many ex touring pros on-air, that talk about rolling over the top of the ball to hit topspin. They should know better.
Glad you tried leather. It's not my favorite grip either. More the feel than the weight though.
I just think that things should work the way I expect them to.
Pure Storm GT primarily
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