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Originally Posted by ChadW View Post
What do you think is a 'realistic' number of calories burned during a couple sets? Or, should I go ahead and take credit for the 840 cal/hour?
This is more important for marathons or long distance biking where you need to keep up your stores. I used a powermeter on the bike which gives me a measure of how much energy I'm putting out (I think 1 kJ = 1 kCal). From this somewhat objective measurement I derive a more subjective measurement of "perceived effort." Anyway, I know what an 800 calorie ride feels like and for me, it's the equivalent of an hour of drills emphasizing footwork or three sets of singles (about 2 hours).

I suspect you're trying to lose weight. While I haven't seen you play and you might run around like Nadal for every ball, my gut instinct is to tell you to halve those values you quoted. If I'm wrong you'll lose an extra pound every week.
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