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Originally Posted by A Defenseless Creature View Post
The challenge with the 50/50 method is getting the center crosses to be consistent with the others in regard to tension. By using a stringmeter you will see that they measure several pounds lower unless you increase the tension on the center crosses at your starting location. Inconsistency on center strings can lead to unwanted performance issues.
OK and the problem with using a string meter to measure crosses is that is not what it was destined for. The shorter the string gets the more force required to deflect the string. Because that tool was designed for mains the cross tensions have a lot more error in the calculations. I would not use that tool in a method to which it was not designed as the basis for your argument.

If you think there is any method that produces a more consistent string tension than the 50/50 method I would love to hear about it. I personally don't think such a method exists. But if this thread can remain civil I would love to discuss the pros and cons of any and all methods.

I feel there are only two disadvantages to the 50/50 method:

1) You have 4 knots
2) Stringing from the inside out (or up and down) is a little more difficult because the stringbed is stiffer.

Why not string the crosses from left to right like you do the crosses top to bottom? Why not string the crosses from the inside out like you do the mains from the center out?
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