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Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
I recieved my 2 2012 Pro Tour BLX racquets last nite and intend on taking them out for their first hit tonight.

Some initial observations:
  • They are indeed a 16x20 string pattern
  • I did not request special stringing. Both came prestrung (from factory) with Wilson sensation, and a red painted W pattern, and had the cardboard insert/advertisment covering the strings.
  • Weighed both and they were very close to each other and practically exact to spec. One racquet was 327 grams and the other 328. Pretty good to see close specs like that coming from Wilson.
  • Both appear to have the Wilson Pro Hybrid grip on them, although they are all black with no gold logos or printing on them.
  • Paint job/quality is very good with no noticeable flaws.

I was surprised to see the factory string job which is indicative of bargain bin racquets. I can only suppose that it means this racquet is discontinued and Wilson simply has strung remaining stock and priced them low to clear out inventory.

If anyone is interested in this racquet I would suggest getting it ASAP before they are all gone. I will make a decision after my play-test tonight on whether I will be getting more or not.
What about swingweight? Can you measure it for us? Big difference between the K Pro Tour and the BLX Pro Tour.. Thanks.
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