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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
I was playing the other day and serving normally, the pace of my serve usually hits close to the line and bounce and reach the back fence.
By the third set I was getting tired and double faulting.
So I took off a LOT of pace , by justing serving with arm motion and not letting my feet leave the ground or have any forward momentum.
Essentially I was pushing my serves and letting gravity fall the ball in the middle of the service court and barely bouncing it to the back line, no where close to my normal pace.
This seem to work really well.
My opponent usually feeds of the pace of my serve ,
This time he trouble and hit some returns into the net.
Now I thinking this might be a way to conserve energy and throw some unexpected change ups serves.
So I serve mostly weak slices, reverse slices, I even thought about underhanded serving
To mix it up, I served a few fast pace serves.
He couldnt hit a winner of the returns plus made a lot of unforced error into the net.

I never seen anyone do this.
Legit strategy?
Of course it is legit. First serve percentage is very important, and if you are hitting 110 mph serves, but it is going in 20-30 percent of the time, then it is useless. My first serve is usually flat, and fairly hard, but if I am missing it, I will take a little off just to make sure I get it in. I also will not go with the flat serve 100% of the time, even if it is going in. I'll throw in some kick serves and slice serve occasionally, all across the box just to keep them guessing. Sometimes, I will find that an opponent will be able to return my hard flat serve fairly easily, but when I hit spinny serves, they handle those much worse, and I will end up hitting 90% spinny serves for the rest of the match. Whatever works, wins!
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