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I can share some of my.
1) The nat. gut broke during stringing at 57 as main. The grommet was brand new. Looks like this nat. gut is sensative to pressure as some higher gauge syntetic gut ( 18 )

Fortunatelly, I lost only about 1ft, so I used them as cross mixed with poly in main.

The final setup - Pro Line X 17 at 57 and Nat. Gut 17 at 55 lb.

I put string savers, which actually do help a lot to protect the strings from sawing each other.

First there was no feel at all - very stiff. I prefer soft feel over the crispy one.
There was too much power as well.

Since savers helped to increase durability I am using these strings second week. There are little signs of fraying on nat. gut.

The savers are not falling out (like it used to happen with MSV Focus Hex)

Now the strings became much softer and power has reduced.

I am not sure that initial stiffness was caused by high tenssion. I have a feeling that these strings have some brake-in period regardless of the setup.

So what is your experience?

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