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Default Seeking Poly that combines the best properties of these two strings...

I’m looking for my next poly to use as a cross with Kevlar mains.

As an aside, I still believe Kevlar/poly hybrid is the most underrated stringbed setup – unmatched control, unmatched spin (more spin than full poly IMO), almost as consistent response as a Kevlar/syn gut hybrid, and low power. Tensions need to be a little lower for best results.

The two poly’s I have the most experience with (because I own a reel of each) are WC Silverstring 1.20 and Prince Tournament Poly 16.
Interestingly, these two poly’s have very different (if not opposite) characteristics within the poly category:

Prince Tournament Poly 16 is extremely slippery, extremely dent resistant, has poor tension stability, and keeps its slipperiness as it wears over time. As a result of these properties, it’s extremely spin-friendly as a cross with Kevlar. And as it wears, the stringbed becomes even more spin-friendly, but directional control drops as the stringbed softens. At the right tension, this is tough to beat (would use it as my go-to cross if it weren't for the tension stability issue). I initially discovered PTP when I was rifling through the reels at the local pro shop, giving the feel test to see which string had the most slippery surface - PTP was far more lubricious than the other poly's in the bin that day.

In stark contrast, WC Silverstring is not very slippery for a poly, has medium to low dent resistance for a poly, but has very good tension stability for a poly. As a result, the stringbed is not as spin-friendly when I use SS as a cross with Kevlar, but the stringbed stays more consistent over time due to the better tension stability.

I’d like to know what strings might have a combination of the best properties of these two strings?

That is: I want a string that's extremely slippery, stays extremely slippery as it wears, and extremely dent-resistant (like Tourna poly), but also with good tension stability (like WC SS).

As another aside, I have some background in polymer chemistry. I am curious whether slipperiness and tension stability might be somewhat mutually exclusive properties? Strings with better tension stability tend to have either crosslinks or branched side chains that prevent neighboring polymer chains from sliding by each other so easily. But these features also tend to reduce lubricity.
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