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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Isn't there always the question of, should we try to play our BEST tennis, or should we play what is winning?
Winning, we might push and play conservative, winning more, but never getting any better at tennis.
Best tennis, we will lose lots of matches, for sure, but we also learn to hit harder and heavier shots, learn where and when to hit them, and make the attempt to ADVANCE our level of tennis, not just winning where we already are.
Should I max out my winning percentages at 3.5-4.0?
Or should I hit like a 5.0, miss like a 3.0, and play like a hard hitting 4.0?
There is a difference between practicing drills and matchplay. The time to get better is in practice, not during a match. When it is match time, the goal is to win the match. If you do it by using what you practiced, great, if you do it another way... still great!

Many miss the point that learning to win by whatever means necessary is it's own skill and one you can't practice with drills, it can only be honed during matchplay, so work on it.
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