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The US Open rather than the French Open? She has won 4 of the former and only 1 of the latter and that 1 was won a whole decade ago! This year's FO was the only one of the Slams where she went out in the 1st round! IMO, that must be the hardest one for her to win if she is to to achieve the Grand Slam. On current form, I think she can only ever really beat herself at the other 3.
I understand why people would doubt her winning the French the most. I just have a feeling this is the event she will be most hungry and driven to win next year, and that she wont let anything stop her. If she makes the late rounds there is NOBODY to stop her today. The idea of Sharapova beating her anywhere probably ever again barring a major injury is laughable, Azarenka is not a good clay courter, Kvitova even if she returns to her 2011 #1 form is not an especialy good clay courter. Henin is long retired, so is Clijsters, Kuznetsova is no longer a contender, neither is Ivanovic or Jankovic, and she will be in revenge mode everytime she plays Stosur to the point she is no real threat to Serena anytime soon. So assuming she is focused enough to avoid a Razanno like fluke (and I fully expect she will be) I cant see her losing there, in fact given the absolutely dire clay court field of today it might oddly even be her easiest to win next year, well apart from Wimbledon probably. I think the U.S Open will be where she has the most pressure and where she will have the most competition as most of the top players excel most on hard courts. The latter point is true of the Australian Open too but her record is so outstanding there over the years when she plays it likely wont matter.
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