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Originally Posted by sbengte View Post
I am surprised why most have picked Federer to be ranked over Nadal just based on Nadal's "injury related" absence this year. I will not at all be surprised if Nadal comes back and dominates like he was never away from the tour. With Djoko and Murray, consistency is an issue, so you can never be sure of how they will fare. With Fed growing old and perhaps not being as motivated after breaking almost every possible record there is to break, if Djoko-Murray slump a bit, Nadal will easily regain #1 ranking like he did in 2010.

to all of this. You know that none of this is going to happen so you say it will in hopes of bringing down some almighty jinx on top of Nadal's head. Lol. Well,he doesn't need your jinxes to be a big failure next year because he will do a fantastic job of that all by himself(if he even comes back at all).
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