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I've been a kevlar user for 15+ years, with a 7 or 8 year gap without playing (been playing tons the last year or so). Been stringing 65+ lbs from the original pro staff, ti radical mp, etc. I think poly is way more harsh at high tensions. It's also been my experience that one handers with incorrect form usually develop arm problems with kevlar or stiff strings. If you serve loosely with your body, arm and wrist it's ok too. When I've tried to muscle or arm it too much and hit near the top of the racket is when you'll definitely feel it bad. Also kevlar in the first hour or two is super tight, after that it plays rather soft imo.

I just started using Forten sweet 16 in the cross at 70lbs, it's the only cross that seems very jaring to me if I hit it near the top of the racket.

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