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Default Ball Pocketing, Dwell Time, Spin Potential

I am a bit confused about how the subjects in the title fit together.

I equate ball pocketing and dwell time in a string/frame combination and consider it a good thing. As in like what gut does.

The question is: Does increased ball pocketing and thus dwell time equal more spin potential?

Reading the threads on rackets that provide more spin potential, fewer strings are usually, but not always, cited as providing more spin potential. Is this perhaps because the ball penetrates farther into the stringbed and has more string in contact around it to impart spin?

However when I read threads on Polys, which would have the least ball pocketing and dwell time, most of them claim to produce more spin than other kinds of strings. True? Not true?

Or what?

Thanks in advance for your intelligent and well reasoned answers.


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