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Yes, me and a guy I play every week do it from time to time. Especially in the winter to get in shape for the spring. We have access to indoor courts at night. You are right...5 sets is much different. We play the whole 5th set out if it goes that far. It's happened like twice. I can't remember he won, but we most all the time play a min of 4 sets. I'm up in the series for the year 13 to 12. I win the bulk of the indoor matches for some unknown reason. So I'm looking to clean up the next couple of months.

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I just got done playing a best of 5 set singles match for fun, and I came back from a 0-2 set deficit to win in 5 sets. Really fun, maybe I'll petition the USTA to make all USTA matches best of 5 sets .

Has anyone ever done this? I never have before today. I found the match dynamics to be very different than a 3 set match. No lead is safe, and it was a nice feeling to win that 3rd set (like I am back in the match, no point in a best of 3 set match is equivalent), and I'm sure the pressures on my opponent were different with blowing a 2 set lead.

Final score: 1-6, 4-6, 6-1, 6-3, 10-5 (so we played a super-tiebreaker for the 5th set because of time constraints, sue me). It took about 3 hours, my opponent is very streaky and I started off very poorly. And it helped that we had shorter points than I am normally used to due to my opponent's streakiness. But it felt really good to turn around the match and win after such a deficit and play so well after starting off poorly. I felt like Agassi or something.
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