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I'd be willing to bet that a good portion of these are no good. Many of the people that file them are sore losers. The only thing they have left is to try and pencil whip you. I see quite a bit of this in Alta.

Originally Posted by walton123 View Post
As captain this is 1st time I am dealing w/a local grievance against a player on my team.
To date we rec'd complaint and were asked to respond back. Next I was informed that this was sent to grievance committee. How do I know and/or can I find out who is on this committee?
I do not feel the complaint which accuses our player in a timed match situation of stalling and not adhering to timed match procedures has validity and believe it should be dismissed. I actually believe it never should have gotten this far .........this type of thing makes USTA play unpleasant and creates work for captains/players.
Any expert grievance handlers out there..............?
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