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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
#6 is the advice that makes the most sense.
Yeah, that's always one of my favorites!

Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I can already tell you everything the String board will say:

1. Try natural gut
2. Try soft multifilaments
3. Poly is bad
4. Poly isn't that bad if you string it low.
5. It's not the strings, it's your bad form.
6. Why don't you just hit the ball in the sweetspot every time!
Here's my take on these points that are always brought up:

#1-3 -- True
#4 -- False
#5 -- Conditionally True if you have terrible form, which I can spot from a mile away
#6 -- LOL. Seriously, we have an obligation to give these guys a bunch of crap when they say stuff like that!
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