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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Is Djokovic the GOAT here?

I believe that we've done footspeed before; maybe even quickness--which is slightly different but related.

Borg certainly covered the court incredibly well because of his footspeed. Is it a combination of footspeed, anticipation, reflexes, and stamina?

1. Nadal
2. Djokovic
3. Borg
4. Edberg
5. Murray
6. Chang
7. Hewitt
8. Gerulaitis
9. Laver
10. Rosewall
11. Kriek
12. Nastase

Who else?
Some of the older guys;
Perry, Budge, Gonzales, Hoad, Emerson....all of these would compare well to the best today in footspeed.
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