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Originally Posted by JDMasFCK View Post
If so how did if play? Thanks
I play with the PB10Mid and BHB7 is one of my go to strings. I find the string to be softer and more flexible than most of other polys that I have tried.

Before switching to BHB7 I was playing with Genesis Typhoon at 45lb. Now I have to string the BHB7 at 50lb to get the same kind of response/softness that I'm used to.

Note that the BHB7 seems to be smaller than the stated 17G, to me it's closer to the 1.10 MSV Hex. The 17G BHB7 was also about 3-4 grams lighter than the thicker Typhoon.

I would string BHB7 a little higher than your normal poly tension.

The string plays really well for my game plus it's very very comfortable. String has plenty of power as well. Tension maintenance is average (10-12hr).

I have also been trying out the Iontec for about a week. Strung the Iontec at 48lb and I really like it as well. A little less power than the BHB7 but everything else are excellent. It's a good cheaper alternative...
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