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The only five setter singles that sticks in my mind was probably about 20-25 years ago. We started playing in the light after work with the Friday night club buffet just starting in the dining room next to the court. He was an athletic Polish soccer player and I was running marathons back then. We just kept playing and playing. What sticks in my mind was about four sets in, an amiable club member came out from the buffet to smoke a cigar and started the usual good ol' club boy banter, like "What's the score?". At that point we were in no mood to hear it and told him to more or less ****-off. Five setters will play with your mind a bit. We were still playing under the lights when all the food was gone, but there was still plenty of booze left.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox
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