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Check your "local" USTA page. You should be able to find the names of the grievance committee members there. If not, their names should be on the paperwork.

Also, im going to say that almost all "grievances" are denied anyway.

The grievance process is a highly legalistic process and people forget this. If you cant prove your case in a real court of law you wont be able to make much ground in the USTA appeal system.

Unless your player was cited by an official timekeeper or umpire they arnt going to get very far. They will almost certainly need "official" testimony to even have a chance.

Even if the whole team just writes emails saying how this player took extra time to towel off between points, was slow at retrieving balls, and took an extra 30 sec per change over it wont do anything. That is not nearly enough for a grievance to stick.

Unless of course your player did something way out of line, like driving to a nearby corner store to get more water in the middle of the match...
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