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Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
I liked msv hex as a cross. BTW what kevlar do you use? I'm working my way through my ashaway 17g and 18g reels but it seems to get too loose after 1 hour.
I use ashaway, either 17g or 18g too.

One of Kevlar's properties is that it has a 1-hour break-in period, and then it seems to stabilize and play about the same thereafter until it breaks. This is in contrast to poly's, which tend to gradually stretch out and lose tension until they become unplayable. I suspect that the break-in period is less due to the kevlar creeping (because kevlar doesn't seem to creep when a drop weight is hanging from it), and more simply due to the stringbed equalizing as the friction slack is pulled out. I've started using a stringing method where I pull out the friction slack before tie-off, and now the break-in tension loss is much less dramatic than it used to be. I posted a thread on that method.

I usually use a tension for the kevlar where I like it after the break-in period. If it's too loose after the break-in, just string a few pounds tighter.

Right now, I'm working my way through a reel of 18g ashaway. What I like about the 18g is that it breaks at about the same time that my current poly cross (SS) finally gets too stretched out.
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