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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
Is it legit, yes, but IMO not within the, "spirit of sportsmanship".

Sounds like your ability to control your serve places you in the 4-4.5 range, your opponent seems to be a lower rated player.

Your strategy will work against lower rated players, but will not work with 4.0 and higher rated players.

When I play matches (match pressure), I always try to play my best, always looking for ways to improve my game.
Isn't what we're all kind of taught about the serve, is that sometimes you just have to get it over the net and in the box.

I understand and even respect the fact that you want to play your best or play really well. I mean I think we all do and strive for that. However, hardly ever do we really and truly play our "best in match situations. And part of the game is figuring out how you are supposed to win a match or beat a guy when you aren't playing your best.
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