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I guess I see this differently.

Stalling is a big no-no in timed matches. IMHO, it is straight-up cheating. When I am leading in a timed match, I play at a normal pace -- sometimes a little quicker than normal. I do not wish to cheat, to win by cheating, or even be accused of cheating. By focusing on winning points one at a time instead of running out the clock, I feel I maximize my chances of winning.

Now. I have seen blatant stalling by opponents. In that match, my partner and I lost a long first set 6-7. From that point forward, our opponents began stalling. This began with a bathroom break. Then they began taking a conference between each point. I was literally standing there waiting to serve while they stood with their backs to me talking between points. I considered blasting a serve right at them, but thought better of it.

As a captain, however, I would take seriously any grievance filed against one of my players. If I were you, I would call the player and her partner and ask them what happened. There are some players who believe stalling is "smart strategy," and as captain I would want to disabuse them of that notion.

On the whole, I support the sorts of grievances filed in the OP. There are some people who are chronic cheaters (stalling, line calls) or chronic poor sports. The only way to get their attention and makes them think twice is with a grievance, even an unsuccessful one. Once a pattern of grievances has been established, the league can finally act.
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