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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Oh we definitely contributed to the economy, believe you me! Still have a couple of days of theme parking left (groan said the wallet). But to be honest we did have a blast! My next video will probably show me a few pounds heavier from all the food :/

Did get gouged by one taxi driver (gypsy?). That left a bad taste in the mouth.

No worries about the weather- I just wish I had packed more jackets in! Oh well more reason to shop . Should I even try the other Nike outlet on 192? Or do they usually have the same stuff?
As stated earlier, the outlets are hit or miss. I typically have to visit the New Balance Outlet several times before the shoes I use are available. The last 5 times they were out so I had to buy some shoes elsewhere.

This cool snap is below average for this time of year. A few years ago, I played a tournament the 3rd week of October and it was 93 degrees that weekend which is also well above normal. Just depends on the year.
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