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Originally Posted by WhiteStripes View Post
Odd, since I find the PST+ GT to be among the more arm-friendly racquets I've ever hit with, and I've played with a ton of sticks. According to TW University numbers, it has among the lowest racquet vibration frequency #s for racquets available on the market. That said, as nice as the stick plays, I can see how the extended length / really high swingweight may cause issues if the player frequently catches the ball late as it's not the easiest racquet to quickly get around.
I am not the only one to experience this....check out the reviews on the be fair I have it strung it with a full poly in the low 60s, but I find I am launching the ball into space if I go with anything lower...I tend to prefer low powered player frames that allow me to supply all the juice myself. For the last few summers I keep thinking I will try it out and I manage to make it about a week before te makes me give it up.
Luxilon....10/10 would big banger
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