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Originally Posted by T21D View Post
How so? If people wouldn't do an ID of a cheaper shoe, what makes a more expensive shoe more profitable. Honestly, if you look around this whole board I bet the same 6-8 people inquiring about ID ing a shoe are the only ones going to do up a pair. If you look at some of the new threads started up its consicious minded buyers trying to get more bang for their buck or dudes trying to wear down their shoes before the 6 month warranty is up
The reason why most people don't ID the Breathe 2k11's is because these shoes aren't as good as the Vapors(most lightweight) or the Courtballistecs(most durable), in terms of their major selling points. Since Vapors and Courtballistecs are more popular than the 2K11's, it would only make more sense that there would be more purchases of custom Vapor ID shoes than 2K11's. Also, the main reason anyone would ever ID a shoe is because they want a different colorway than the stock ones from Nike each season. I personally would wear it down until they weren't playable anymore and just wear those as casual shoes.

My own personal shoe, would love it if I could design the Vapors like this.

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