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Originally Posted by WileyCoyote View Post
OK. Maybe my brain is not fast enough to recognize dwell time, but it is a major parameter for TW string data, so it must be indicative of something.

The difference between a really tight poly bed and user friendly gut is very noticable and would seem to imply longer contact times with a more resilient string. Correct?

My understanding of spin is that it is produced by the movement of the racquet while the ball is in contact with the stringbed in such a way that imparts rotation. The longer the contact, the more rotation should be imparted?


On a high speed camera you can see how mains are sliding on impact if you hit a top spin shot. That means, the ball slides first and then displaces the mains. When mains snap back, they launch the ball back at certain angle. All of this takes time, dwell time. And of course the frame itself is deformed under pressure, and stringbed too, while ball is sliding on the string surface.
The sharper the poly, the longer it can be pushed by the ball if the cross string is sleek enough. It takes less effort to displace natural gut due to high elasticity, especially on a sleek cross string, hence you can get quite a spin from the smooth natural gut string, but not from the smooth multi (not enough elasticity to easily slide back and forth).
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