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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
Every team I've been on has always pushed this tactic. Everyone knows this shortcut to winning matches. Why deny it? Everyone slows down when the clock is ticking. I personally do not do this because I usually win handily anyway and don't need to resort to this.

Sandbagging and playing the clock is feverishly accepted and encouraged.

Anything to win.

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I don't know how serious you are, but I disagree that most people push this tactic.

Over the years, I have had a few partners suggest that we take our time when we are ahead and the clock is running down. I reply, "Let's just play." I then go stand at my position for the next point. If my partner wants to stand at the bench swigging water and toweling off while three people wait for her, she can suffer the weight of the angry glares from the opponents all by herself.

Here's the thing. If we are really far ahead, what is the point in stalling? We are likely the better team and we will win if we just play.

If we are barely ahead, stalling backfires. I have had opponents try to stall, only to have us reel off a few points and suddenly pull ahead. Better to disregard the clock and just play, I think.
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