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Polystar Strike is very slippery, almost a greasy coating to it. It has decent tension hold (above average, but probably not like WC strings, which are among the best around for tension hold). Its texture is not going to impede snap-back, I've used in it many hybrid settings, with other polys and with gut mains. Not sure on the dent resistance issue, I've never really looked at that. The string seems to remain slippery over time, even after the greasy coating wears off. I've not tried PTP, so can't directly compare (I have a reel of Strike if a one-set trade would interest you).

(I have tried kevlar main/polystar energy crosses, but they definitely are SOFT, and dent easily I would imagine. Strike is a stiffer animal with much better tension hold than the rest of the polystar family).

I also agree with you, kevlar/poly is by far the best "spin at all costs" stringbed... more spin than full poly, gut/poly, etc etc. I just didn't like it on flat groundies & serves.
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