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Originally Posted by NolemurraY View Post
Hi guys and girls, just wondering if you could help with some ideas for a task we have been given at university. We have been asked to come up with a new poduct or service within one of the following categories:

Health and Well Being
Healthy/Greener living

We will then need to come up with a marketing campaign for this product, we have a 'budget' of 100,000.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great, I know a lot of people will suggest that we should think of the idea ourselves/stop being lazy. But we have already put a lot of thought into ideas and we are struggling to come up with anything unique enough to progress with. Any help provided will be greatly appreciated, thanks NM

I can strongly recommend looking at engineering for the 21st century aka Biomimicry.

Buy the book 'Cradle to Cradle' and you will have enough knowledge to interconnect economy with sustainable healthy growth for any product you want to sell/ market.

Is this something you feel can be useful?

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