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Ok, so seen the new range and some interesting news. The graphics are tweaked and stay with black/white/bronze for the Speeds and a lighter blue etc for the Instinct. A few frame changes though, the graphene is in both ranges (a matrix pattern inside the shaft which apparently stiffens it allowing weight distribution to be more tip and heel). The Speed range is Speed Pro (18/20,315g,22mm), Speed MP (16/19,300g,22mm) , Speed S (16/19,285g,22mm), Speed Rev (16/19,260g,22mm) all are 100in heads. There is also a PWR Speed (16/19,255g,26/26/28mm).
The frame is completely new, the old Speed rounded box beam has changed and it is now more like the Radical - flat on the outside and slightly elliptical iside the throat/shaft. Felt faster through the air and more polarised to swing in the hand but I was unable to actually hit with it at the time. When I put one over the other the lollipop head has altered and it is more elliptical (similar to the Instinct MP) and the mains/throat was about a quarter inch longer so I expect it to have more pop.
There are a few other models -Instinct Rev and PWR Instict to go with the MP and S, PWR Prestige and Extreme S.
Hope this is helpfull, if you like the 2012 IG range stock up as the new ones are a very different frame.
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