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Originally Posted by Zolar View Post
Okay, this is an old racquet. I haven't been paying attention to the new racquets buy mine is now 7 years old and I think I might need a new one. I tend to scrape the ground too much, probably picking up balls.

Which Babolat racquet replaces the Pure Control? I like my old Control because it's head light yet fairly heavy overall. I understand this is what makes it easy on my arm. At least, I haven't had arm problems since I started using it.

Would love to hear any suggestions.

I have a Pure Control Team version which is the predecessor to the Pure Storm and Pure Storm GT series. They all do a good job of balancing the racquet and offering a solid feel. The Pure Control is a stiffer than the Pure Storm GT and to me, feels a bit harsher on the arm. It is more solid when returning serve bombs and volleying but I like the plush feel of the Pure Storm GT series more and willing to trade a bit more solid feel for one that feels plush.
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