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How reliable is this guy, babolat staff havent tended to pop up withposts like this in the past to my knowlage, is the info legit?

Send Babolat a message on twitter or facebook, and I will respond and try to answer your questions or put you in touch with the product team.

This guy isnt even stating correct facts about the babolat line, the pure has a thinner beam than the aero pro and also feels thinner just because its a box beamed raquet?[/QUOTE]

Feel is subjective, I'm simply talking about beam widths:

Pure Drive: 23.5/26/22.5mm
Aeropro Drive: 23/26/24mm
Aerostorm: 21.5/21mm
Pure Storm: 21mm
Pure Storm Limited: 19mm

Historically, "classic" racquets have had thinner beams. Some players like the way a thicker beam plays, some don't. We try to make products that address the needs of all tennis players.
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