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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
But you remember it for the next time around. That is how it is objective and not subjective.
No. Objective is that the stiffness of the string is x. Its dwell time depends on the stroke type, the frame, tension, etc. It's a feeling, and cannot be measured. People on here often say x string has great dwell time, and then others disagree. If it was objective, then there wouldn't be a disagreement. All parameters that we look for in strings are subjective, but most are based on objective things. Comfort, power, spin, control, these are all subjective things. Stiffness, tension stability, durability and cost don't change depending on the player (durability is a bit of a stretch, but a 1.35mm poly is going to last longer for all players than a 18g syn gut). This is why we talk about spin potential, energy return, stringbed stiffness, etc. These things are more or less measurable and give an objective view of what we really feel.
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