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Originally Posted by DBrickshaw View Post
Yeah man probably is a lil low but you'd probably be fine if you did it consistently, avoided diuretics whenever possible and adjusted on days of activity.

What was the reason for the hyper hydration period? 3 gallons is quite a bit for 1 day haha. Oh and did you do anything special for that besides drink tons of water?
Originally Posted by Sumo View Post
Probably had to pass a drug test.
To make weight for a competition actually

About 4-5 days out from the meet, hyper hydrate (2 gallons or more) every day. The day before the competition, no water at all. I've only tried it a couple of times, and i'm not particularly good at it. I find on the no water day i crave it despite overloading on it prior days. The two times i've tried it I did nothing else besides the hydration (well carbs were cut, but that goes without saying)

Easy way to lose a couple of kg without too much effort and without sacrificing too much strength. My coach can lose 20+ lbs for a weigh in like this (he also gets 24 hour weigh ins the powerlifting fed he's in, weightlifting you get 2 hours) I'll have to play with sodium loading next time though (and maybe a water pill that day before as well)

3 gallons was pretty easy to do the first few days as long as i had a camelpak with me at all times. the last water day is not so easy
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