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Arrow Heycal ~ Bon Jovi

heycal, I expected better from you. WORST band ever?

I mean, given the above, am I'm then to assume you'd put the ultimate guido posseur Jon Bon Jovi (better known as Jon Bon Guido) above REM and/or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? *gives pause*

If you can somehow stomach this (for comparative purposes) here's an early Chill Peppers number, before they got "big-big"

Besides the *cough* 'positive' anti-drug message (thanks for the 'PSA' Anthony K. .... oh and nice 'tracks', name me one--ONE!--song by Bon Guido that's better than this? If nothing else, Jon Bon Guido would've been too vaingloriously self conscious to suggest making out with his guitarist in a video (0:32 sec.):

Bon Jovi....holysnakes, I'd have never thought heycal.

Hey who else ya like?....lemme guess: that greasy lizzard singer from Journey? ...REO Speedwagon?

Holding off on the rant about the stupidity of the "fedfanboy-vs-********s" (Beatles/Beach Boys) fab four flamming. to be continued...
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