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really? ...
Yup, as surehs said, the actual contact time is only a few 1/1000 of a second. The absolute maximum that a nerve impulse can travel is about 120m/s. That's the max velocity of neurons. In actuality, touch neurons travel around 75m/s and pain signals are much much slower. But even using a blazing fast 100m/s impulse that means that, assuming your hand is 1m from your brain, that it still takes 1/100 of a second to get there. That's over twice as long as the ball is on the strings. So literally, the ball is off the strings by the time the signal has reached your shoulder joint, so it is truly gone before you know it. That's not even including the time it takes to process the sensations from the thousands of receptors in your hand. So unfortunately for UCSF, it is impossible for you to change your grip as you're hitting the ball unless you started doing it before the ball was even close to your body.
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