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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Any decent tennis player, 4.5 and above, can coach tennis, a GAME.
Would you trust a college student to determine the course of action of your future?
Coaching salaries are inflated naturally in the same way CEOs are. They take what they can thinking that it could very well be their last high paying position. What would you want if it were possibly the last job you ever had?

To me, $100k is very low for Illinois. I'd want near 250 to provide security for my family. Unless his wife is also working, he won't be able to retire comfortably for many years. If I made 250 for 10 years, I could live an 80k/year lifestyle for many years. At 100k, I'd have to get a real world job after those same 10 years. That's a lot of pressure for a family. Especially when the bread winner only knows a GAME.
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