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I was reading how the first two renditions of the POG 110" had a more teardrop shape compared to the POG 3 through Tour (first of all, is this true? how different are the head shapes?). I recently got my POG 2, and by the end of a good hitting session this Sunday I could swear that the POG and my Head twin tube radical tours had the same shape. After I got home I laid them on each other, and it's as close as close can be. the biggest difference is that the handle for the POG is shorter so the POG has more throat to it, but the hoop and most of the throat of the two racquets are almost identical.

The first thought in my head was that since Agassi started with the POG, when he switched to Head maybe they modeled the early radicals after the early POG. Again, this is a POG 2 (individual grommets), and I've read here that Agassi used the POG 3 and 4 which supposedly have different head shapes. So as I asked before, are there really different head shapes within the POG 110" line?

And this is prob a stupid question, but the tension says no less than 72lbs, will stringing it in the mid 50's to mid 60's hurt the frame at all?
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