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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Just a thumbs up for Prince Premier Attack 16g in the black version. I have been playing with them for a few weeks now and find that 24kg seems to be the sweetspot for me. I am getting the same control and a little more spin than my usual XR1 strings give me. I also get an hour or two more play out of them as well. And did I mention that black strings just look way cool in the Ki5?

Most importantly, they seem to be fine for sore elbows. I was a little hesitant to try them as RSI measured them to be slightly on the stiff side for a multi, but they are comfy enough in the Ki5 so that my elbow is happy after a few hours of hard play.
I've tried a lot of different strings. Right now it seems that I play my best game with PPA. I might change my mind when I try Pacific Classic next week, but PPA just has a feel and crispness to it that I really like when I take big swings and go for topspin drive winners. The thing that bothers me now is that it broke prematurely the last 2 times I used it. Both times were shanks along the grommets (1st time along the bottom, 2nd time along the top). The 2nd time happened after only 1 hour of hitting. The local pro joked that I was hitting the ball too hard. Maybe that also goes along with having a string that you love to swing away with. I think I'll keep using it as a backup for gut, and hopefully, I'll find that my shanks were a fluke.

I'm using Kirschbaum Touch Multifiber right now. For me it plays almost as well as PPA. It has a little less spin and a little less power, but I play with the same amount of confidence with it, and it doesn't stiffen up like PPA. It seems to be taking shanks better because I had a couple of hard off-center hits last night that almost sounded like snapping sounds, but luckily it stayed in one piece.

It's a good thing I string my own racquets. I'd hate to be waiting for them at a pro shop when 2 strings have broken so quickly.
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