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^ This is a good analogy. The hips rotation slows down to allow a transfer to the torso rotation. It might be less obvious that the torso slows down to accelerate/propel the arm forward. This is more obvious on the 1-handed BH -- the torso rotation is stopped (or slowed down significantly) to provide a more complete transfer -- the arm flies thru as the torso is slowed/stopped.

Originally Posted by KayFactor View Post
By the time the energy is released into the shoulder and arm, the arm starts to move faster than the uncoiling and torso. Am I controlling this part of the swing with my arm or do I watch my arm ride the path even through contact?
You must deliberately have the arm moving faster than the torso rotation at some point during the forward swing. Otherwise, you are not really releasing/transferring the tension/energy stored in the pectoral and shoulder muscles.
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