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Originally Posted by walton123 View Post
for what it is worth - our player with only a few minutes to play to break tie of 2nd set (she won 1st set) stopped to look at the rule sheet in order to determine what to do next - time out play one more point for winner of set 2 and if she lost play additional point(sudden death) to determine match. complaint is based on accusation that breaking continuous play to confirm rules was stalling......
I understand the "concept" of filing grievances to get things on record but at what point does someone having a bad day on the court waste a whole lot of other peoples time..........
No offense to you personally, Walton123, but I would totally rule against you based on what you say in this post.

I mean, there were "a few minutes" left in the match yet your player won't just play the match to conclusion. Instead, she wants to peruse the rules. At that point, the rules did not matter. All your player had to do was *play.* Once time is called, that is the time to consult the rules and see who won and whether a sudden death point needs to be played.

I can see that players may need to consult the rules if there is a genuine disagreement during a match, and this may take more than 20 seconds. It doesn't sound like that was the case. Your player, it seemed, decided to use the last minutes of match time to study up on the rules, and that cannot possibly be blessed.

I hope your league gets this one right.
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