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I see I was not clear.
At 10 minute(before the 2hours up) players should have stopped, finish game then choose appropriate match end - 2nd set incomplete as they were at 4-4 but under 3minutes remained(not the full 10minutes). What needed to happen next was begin 9pt tiebreak which did happen after check of rules (you can stop and determine appropriate match end procedure).....that tiebreak went to 1-1 then timed out, next should have been 1pt to determine set 2 and if opponent won that play 1pt (sudden death) to determine match....but opponent walked off as agitated that our player checked rules at the 4-4 mark in second set w/less that 3 minutes to go......
points were long, time was short and nobody stopped at 10min mark which might have avoided all of this.
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