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Originally Posted by The Dampener View Post
Wow, SB, a replacement?

Everything I've read about joint replacement is that it's still kind of experimental.

Thanks for the advice. What you say echoes a lot of what I've read. I have an appointment to see a DPM next week (on the request of my sports injury doc), and I'm a little nervous about him possibly rushing me onto the table.
Yeah, I think it is. That's what Cigna said, too, when they refused to pay for it. I did not go into surgery expecting that outcome, but I think I signed that thing that says "Yes, Doctor, do whatever you think necessary." We hadn't really discussed it before. I was not even 40 when this happened. I have it from both parents, genetic jackpot! My dad had the replacement, so did my aunt, and my mom is treating it with orthotics. (But they were all pushing 70 when symptoms became severe.)

Alleve, no. That's what I tried in my early 30s, thanks to a dumbass doctor. I didn't know what I had, he said I had a bit of arthritis, take medicine. And so I did, and played a lot of tennis, and it just trashed the joint.

So ... find a really really good doctor, and maybe a couple more, and try everything you can. My current doctor (not the one who did the surgery) has experimented with microfracture in the toe, and transplanting one's own cartilage from the knee, and says he is seeing a lot of success. But that is still experimental too, and it's 12 wk non-weightbearing (no driving!), which I can't do right now.

Don't just grin and bear it, because it gets worse and worse, making it very difficult to run or hike or play tennis....
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