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We're talking a matter of seconds here...

This appeal will be denied so hard.

As I said, it's not like you have an entire team of people writing in to complain about a player who takes a trip to 7/11 in the middle of a timed match.

Most grievances are just people... grieving about a loss.

The only types of grievances ive heard of that stick are extreme cases of misconduct. What is extreme?

1) Player fills up large bucket of water and pours it on the court to stall play.
2) Player is a self-rate using a duplicate account, alias, blatant lie regarding player experienced provided.

If there are no officials involved the offense has to be pretty extreme for it to be granted by the grievance committee. To file an appeal for "breaking continuous play" to check the rules regarding a tie breaker or sudden death point is just laughable.
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