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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Not to mention he rarely (read: never) was able to sign players of any level of talent to compliment LBJ. I don't know what the Lakers front office and president saw in him to hire him. He's a smart dude and obviously knows his basketball, but I never saw him as head coach material. In fact, he's a worse coach than Isiah Thomas. And this is coming from a Knicks fan.

If he doesn't win a ring this season he deserves to get canned. Hell, I could win a ring with Kobe, Nash, Dwight and Pau.
Here's what I think about Mike Brown and the Lakers offense and their use of the Princeton offense. From what I've read on wikipedia, you basically pass, pass, and pass again until you find a shot, and shown by last night's opener, it looked stagnant.

4 of the 5 starters on your team are offensively better than most players in their perspective positions. Beat them to the punch instead of taking your sweet time and letting the defense set.

And let Steve Nash run the offense, why else did you sign him during the off-season?! And he ain't cheap.

I know it's just the opening game, but the way they played wasn't much different than the way they played last season.
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